Heart Palpitations Update 2020

Heart Palpitations Update 2020

A blog by Thomas Boto, co-founder of Natural Rhythm

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I get a number of emails and comments from many of you asking for an update on my heart palpitations, so I thought I would write a post about where I currently am in my journey to cure my heart palpitations and what’s in store for the future. I apologize for not being as responsive as I would like on comments and emails lately. My job has been crazy, but I’m determined to put more into time into this site. Blogging through my journey with heart palpitations has been a huge blessing. This is an awesome community and I love how we are all helping each other.

I can’t believe how much things have changed since I first started this blog. I feel like a whole new person. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve gone from thousands of heart skips a day to to next to nothing for weeks if not months at a time. I used to obsess about every skipped beat, every heart palpitation, but now I rarely think about it. I would have never believed it was possible all those years I struggled with heart palpations. As I have written before (you can read more about my story HERE) it was awful. It was a nightmare that affected my family, my work, and my relationships. It consumed me. 

Finally, after nine years, I found a routine and system that works for me and my heart palpitations have pretty much went away entirely (here are some heart palpitations cures and remedies that I found helpful). I still occasionally experience some every now and again, but it’s rare. I feel like I’m the healthiest I have ever been and I’ve learned to manage stress and anxiety like I never thought I could. I still monitor my health pretty closely, and I try to do an annual physical just to make sure everything is good, but overall I feel like I am in a really great place. I hope that is encouraging to you all who are still experiencing a ton of heart palpitations tight now. I know it feels discouraging times, but if things can turn around for me, anything is possible!
So what’s next for this blog? My hope is to do a better job detailing what has helped me over the past few years. I hear from a lot of you that are right in the midst of a difficult struggle. I would love to help you all as much as I can since I was helped by so many people on my journey (and still am). I realize that everyone’s heart palpitation journey is different and what works for me may not work for everyone else, but hopefully you can apply something of what I have learned to your own situation.  I plan on writing more articles and I may try branching out to different formats for the blog too like audio or video as well 

I would love to also build a better way to communicate and collaborate as a community. There are so many similar experiences that it would be great if it was easier to find similar stories and share tips and tricks you all have learned in your own journey. 

And I’m still trying to improve in all the key areas (sleep, exercise, stress management, life management, diet, etc) so I will likely write about that some as well. I have some fun ideas that I will try to roll out as the year goes on. 

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And if you have any ideas for the blog or topics you would like to see covered, be sure to let me know in the comments below! 

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