Frequently Ask Questions:


How can I manage my subscription?

Answer: Click this link here to see how you can manage your subscription.


What is the source country?

Answer: All our supplements are sourced and created in the United States.


Is Natural Rhythm a Vermont company? Why does the bottle say it's located in Texas?

Answer: We are a Texas-based company, but we do partner with labs in other states (like Vermont) depending on the product to help with production. 


How big are the capsules?

Answer: They are 3/4" x 1/4". They are easily-swallowed gel capsules.


Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes we do ship internationally. Generally, we use USPS International and it can take anywhere from 7-21 days depending on where you live.


Has this product been tested by a third party other than the FDA?

Answer: Yes, we are required to do Third-Party testing at specific accredited labs for all our products. We definitely take those things seriously since we want to make sure we do things right to ensure our products are of high quality.