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Magnesium Taurate - 750mg (150mg of Elemental Magnesium Taurate) for Heart Health (120 capsules)

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Magnesium Taurate - 750mg (150mg of Elemental Magnesium Taurate) for Heart Health, Optimal Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Relief, and Improved Sleep. 120 Capsules

Did you know that low levels of magnesium can cause you to feel tired, weak, irritable, anxious, stressed? Did you also know they can cause heart palpitations, leg cramps, muscle twitches, and restless legs? That’s why we created Magnesium Taurate.

Magnesium Taurate is beneficial for your cardiovascular and nervous system and is designed for optimal absorption and effectiveness! Our Magnesium Taurate is different than the others. We pack 75mg of premium elemental magnesium taurate into a single size 0 capsule that is easy to swallow. Our capsules are also vegetarian, non-gmo, and gluten free. Each batch is tested for heavy metals to ensure that you get the very best magnesium possible.

  • Magnesium Taurate helps support and maintain a healthy heart rhythm and may help you manage everyday feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! No hassle. If you are not happy, we are happy to refund your money.
  • Magnesium Taurate is easy on your stomach unlike citrate and other forms of magnesium!
  • It has better absorption than most other forms of magnesium.
  • Our Magnesium Taurate is Vegetarian, NON-GMO, and Gluten Free!

At Natural Rhythm, we are dedicated to providing you the best resources and products to help you fight stress and anxiety, find a sense of calmness and peacefulness, and return to your life's natural, healthy rhythm.



What is the elemental amount of magnesium for each 325mg?

Answer: Magnesium Taurate is a molecular complex containing both magnesium and taurine. In this formula there is 75mg of elemental magnesium per capsule. 


What is the difference between this magnesium and magnesium glycinate?

Answer: This magnesium is the best for the cardiovascular system and Glycinate is easily absorbed by the body . Most magnesium is good, except oxide which is only 4% absorbed.


Where is the magnesium and taurine derived from and from what country?

Answer: Our magnesium products are sourced and produced here in the US. 


Is this completely reacted magnesium?

Answer: Yes, our Magnesium Taurate is fully reacted magnesium.


Where is the magnesium and taurine derived from- any plant or animal?

Answer: It is not derived from any plant or animal, it is synthetically created, which can help with certain allergies and produce a more consistent product. 

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Lauren Ruel

Magnesium Taurate - 750mg (150mg of Elemental Magnesium Taurate) for Heart Health (120 capsules)

William Land
Good quality

Very pleased, good quality and fast shipping

Nanette Zornes
No more leg cramps!

Started taking this 3 years ago to help with leg cramping that interrupted my sleep. Works well even after all this time!

Teresa Kesterke
No palpitations

Doctor told me to take magnesium but never told me what type or how much….to the search engine and discovered it was Taurate and this site made me convinced they had the purest source! So glad I choice them! Took me many different sources but this one worked, really worked! So thankful! Saved my sanity and my anxiety and no more palpitations no matter my stress level! Wonderful company! Thank you so much!

Rita Raymond
Waiting for Order

I still haven’t received my order yet!!